“T4T as Praxis: Trans Mutual Aid during Plague”

Trans people have been struck by plague before. Trans people know very well what it feels like to watch friends pass away unexpectedly, to lose housing and one’s entire means of income and savings, and to continue to struggle under such coercive systems of white supremacy, cisheteropatriarchy, capitalism, and genocide. Trans people–disproportionately Black and brown […]

“Utilizing Tenets of Anarchism and Abolition in Our Daily Lives”

Times right now feel, and are, well… Tough? Weird? Stressful? Fucking awful?  Wildfires are continuing to spread across the West coast and other natural disasters are consistently taking place across the country at the harsh cost of climate change and blatant disregard for Native peoples across Turtle Island. Anti-Black, trans-misogynistic, and xenophobic hate crimes across […]

“The Perils of TERF Epistemologies”

At the beginning of June of this year, writer J.K. Rowling made a volatile thread of comments surrounding the validity of trans women’s existence, explicitly marking the separation between “women” and “trans people” in a variety of tweets and interviews. Rowling’s trans-exclusionary radical feminist (hereinafter ‘TERF’) ideology–an ideology quite the actual opposite of ‘radically feminist’–however, […]

“The Misrepresentation of Sophia Burset: The Reality of Trans Women within the Carceral State”

When Orange Is The New Black was first released in 2013, the world of film and television changed forever. For the first time ever arises a prominent, recurring Black trans woman character throughout all seven seasons of the Netflix show–a character who is multifaceted, powerful and imperfect, Black, and trans, all the while played by […]

“The Justification of Loving a Trans Woman”

Earlier this summer, dozens of trans women across various social media outlets created a motion to “Boycott DL Men” via Instagram, Twitter, and so forth. The overall intent behind this motion was to call-out the double-bind that we trans women find ourselves hegemonically placed in as a result of men’s treatment towards us, whereas all […]

“Queer Trans Women Need Theory, Too!: Approaching the Intersections of Trans Sexuality, Gender, and Expression”

At the beginning of this year, my partner at the time and I had been a part of a photoshoot for an upcoming issue in Butch Is Not A Dirty Word!, a queer, not-for-profit magazine, and also the world’s only magazine created by and for, specifically, butches in all forms, shapes, and sizes. Our close […]

“Trans Butch Blues”

“You’re a woman!” Theresa shouted at breakfast… “No I’m not,” I yelled back at her. “I’m a he-she. That’s different… They don’t call the Saturday-night butches he-she’s… It’s a way we’re different. It doesn’t just mean we’re… lesbians.” Theresa frowned. “What’s the matter?” I shrugged. “Nothing. I just never said that word [‘woman’] before. It […]